Agfa Billy I

Agfa Billy I
Agfa Billy I


The Agfa Billy I is a German camera of the brand Agfa manufactured in 1952.

This camera is a folding camera. There are several versions, this one contains a tiny optical viewfinder instead of a viewfinder without glass (1950 version).

At that time, the Agfa Billy I cost 99 DM, which is 50€ today.

Technical sheet

  • Camera type : pocket folding with viewfinder,
  • Shutter : Vario,
  • Shutter speed : B, 1/25 s, 1/50 s, 1/200 s,
  • Lens : Agfa Agnar 105 mm, f/6.3,
  • Lens aperture range : f/6.3-f/22 in 5 discrete stops,
  • Lens focus range : 1m-10m, infinity,
  • Film format : 120 mm, 60 * 90 mm.

Where to find it and at what price ?

This camera is not very common. You can find it on sites like EBay for 30€.


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