Agfa Silette I

Agfa Silette I


The Agfa Silette I is a German camera released in 1962.

The Silette model exists in 5 versions: Silette I (flash sync, quick arm, frame counter, double exposure protection), Silette F (built-in pop-up flash), Silette II (collimated viewfinder and shutter release), Silette L (collimated viewfinder and built-in sensor) and Silette LK (Prontor S.250 shutter, built-in sensor and coupled to aperture and shutter speeds).

Technical data

  • Camera type: Compact,
  • Film format: 135 film, 24*36mm,
  • Shutter: Gauthier, Prontor 125,
  • Lens: Agfa Color-Agnar, f:2.8/45 mm,
  • Shutter speed: 1/30 to 1/125s, B exposure,
  • Materials: plastic and pressed sheet metal,
  • Dimensions: H81 * W121 * D66 mm,
  • Weight: 305g.

Where to find it and at what price?

The device is not very common. You can find it in flea markets or on websites like EBay for 30€.


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