Autoload Super 8 modèle 431

Autoload Super 8 modèle 431


The Optronic Eye super eight model 431 camera from Bell & Howell dates from the 1960s (1965 – 1967). This camera comes straight from the USA.

It is a super eight camera with a frame rate of 18 to 36 FPS. It is manually focused, its viewfinder has an under and over exposure warning signal. It was a camera that did not record sound.

It weighed 1KG and ran on 4 AA batteries.

Where to find it and at what price ?

You can find it for 15€ on the Internet. Personally, I got it at a flea market for 10€.


The unit is simple to use and equip. The camera was not for making simple videos but for making films.

Autoload Super 8 modèle 431 – Behind

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