Brownie Flash

Brownie Flash
Brownie Flash


The Kodak Brownie Flash camera was manufactured in France in 1955.

The camera normally has a flash that plugs in on the side. It is compact and light, and produces 6*6 format pictures. It uses 620 film.

It has two shutter speeds: 1/50s and long exposure (button B). The lens is made of glass and is located at the front of the camera. The Brownie Flash is entirely made of black bakelite.

Where to find it and at what price ?

You can find it for 10€ in flea markets. It is a very common device.

At the time, it cost 5,036 francs (1950s) with the flash.


It was manufactured in very large numbers per kodak to avoid import quotas. This model is actually a derivative of the Brownie Hawkey Flash, an American model.

Brownie Flash – Arrière

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