Coronet de Luxe

Coronet de luxe
Coronet de luxe


The Coronet de Luxe is a device designed and manufactured in France in 1949.

It has a meniscus lens, two diaphragms (Dia and GO), exposure and snapshot and a yellow filter (FJ). There is only one reflector viewfinder. It uses a 120 coil and outputs 6*9 format photos.

Where to find it and at what price ?

At the time, it cost 3,820 francs, which is about 5€. It is not very common. If you want to get a copy, go on E-Bay.


This appliance has been manufactured under licence from Coronet CO. an English brand and by Tiranty CO. a French brand.

Coronet was an English camera manufacturer who designed many “cheap” models as well as folding cameras (like the model above).

It is thanks to a French collaboration that this model was born. But not only this one, others were born and even some with Boyer lenses.

Coronet de luxe


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