Dacora D101 Rapid

Dacora D101 Rapid
Dacora D101 Rapid


The Dacora D101 Rapid is a German camera assembled in 1964.

This camera is one of the cameras that has made the most use of the Agfa Rapid system. A Rapid cartridge, also called SL (“Schnelllade“) cartridge, is a light-tight plastic box with a slot where a 61 cm long film is placed inside. This cartridge format was revolutionary at the time because it was easy to use. All you had to do was drop the roll of film into the camera, close it, and it was ready to use.

Dacora was founded in 1946 in Germany and was acquired in 1969 by Leach Relais und Elektronik, an American company. In 1972, the company stopped manufacturing these devices.

Technical sheet

  • Camera type : viewfinder camera,
  • Film format : 24 * 36 mm, 135 mm in Rapid cartridge,
  • Lens : 33 mm fixed focus lens from Subitar,
  • Shutter : 2-speed shutter, f/11 and f/8,
  • Viewfinder : oblique viewfinder,
  • Power supply : 2 AA batteries,

Where to find it and at what price ?

The device is not very common, you can find it in non-specialized garage sales or on sites like EBay. It costs about 10€. Personally, I got it for that price.

Dacora D101 Rapid – Cartouche Rapid

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