Fujica Single-8 P2

Fujica Single-8 P2
Fujica Single-8 P2


The Fujica Single-8 P2 is a silent camera released in 1978 and was manufactured in Japan.

It is a silent camera using Single 8 film, a motion picture film format introduced by Fujifilm in 1965 as an alternative to Kodak’s Super 8 format. The camera is very compact and lightweight. It has a type of handle that made it easy to handle for the time.

There were two films available for the camera: the FUJICHROME R25 if filming in daylight and the FUJICHROME RT200 if filming in tungsten (or torch) light. Both are Single-8 films.

The FUJICHROME R25 was really designed for all outdoor shooting. It could also be used for shooting scenes at dusk, under neon and fireworks. As for the FUJICHROME RT200, it was used for everything that was artificial light (fluorescent light for example).

Technical sheet

  • Lens : FUJINON 1: 1.8/11.5 mm, 24 mm filter,
  • Viewfinder : reflex viewfinder, underexposure signal, viewfinder setting,
  • Exposure control : photocell – aperture 1.8 – 22, 2 AA batteries, aperture indicator, automatic film sensitivity adjustment for 25, 50, 100, 200 and 400 ASA,
  • Film advance : 18 FPS, 10 rolls of film with fresh batteries, S-15 m digital counter,
  • Shutter : button release, shutter opening angle 200°, shutter speed 1/30 s,
  • Dimensions : 120 (height) * 46.5 (length) * 110 (depth) mm,
  • Weight : 265 g.

Where to find it and at what price ?

The Fujica Single-8 P2 silent camera is quite common. You can find it for about 10€. Personally, I got the camera with its flash and the manual for 10€.

Fujica Single-8 P2 – Inside

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