Kodak Instamatic Camera 56X

Kodak Instamatic Camera 56X


The Kodak Instamatic Camera 56X is a camera that was manufactured in Germany from 1972 to 1979.

The camera was delivered with KODACOLOR Gold 200 film and was compatible with a magicube.

Technical data

  • Camera type: viewfinder camera,
  • Film format: 126 film, 28*28 mm,
  • Lens: f/11, 43 mm,
  • Shutter: 1/50s,
  • Materials: plastic,
  • Dimensions: H60 * W100 * D40 mm,
  • Weight: 182g.

Where to find it and at what price?

The camera is very common. You can find it for 10€ on flea markets or on the Internet.


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