Mecablitz 34 BCT 1

Mecablitz 34 BCT 1
Mecablitz 34 BCT 1


The Mecablitz 34 BCT 1 is a German electronic flash manufactured by Metz in 1970’s.

It is a universal flash with manual focus. It works with 4 batteries LR6, 1.5 volt. The exposure time is 1/80 s, the focal length is f/14 for a distance of 120 mm. The ISO speed index is 640. The reflector is pivoting. You can control the light via a thyristor (electronic switch) for ultra-fast flash sequences.

As for its dimensions, the camera is: 130 * 95 * 40 mm, for 360 grams.

Where to find it and at what price ?

You can find it for 15€ on Ebay.


Metz is a German company founded in 1938 by Paul Metz specialising in consumer electronics.

In 1952 a new division was established within the Metz company. It concerned the manufacture of flash units following orders from Agfa and Carl-Braun. The production of Mecablitz units began at this time.


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