Polaroid SuperColor 635 CL

Polaroid SuperColor 635 CL
Polaroid SuperColor 635 CL


The Polaroid SuperColor 635 CL dates from 1985 and was manufactured in Great Britain.

It has 3 x 116mm plastic lenses. The shutter is electronic with a cell and the focus goes from 0.6m to infinity. It uses 600 film. You also have the possibility to adjust the brightness (dark, light) and to put the flash on or off.

The dimensions of the device are 159.512 cm.

Where to find it and at what price ?

The device is very common, you will easily find it in flea markets and garage sales. It costs between 20 and 30€ depending on its condition.


This Polaroid model has a Close-Up lens, hence the name 635 CL.

Close-Up lenses allow you to take closer photos. On more recent models, you have a mini mirror that allows you to make selfies (Fujitsu Instax Mini).

We also talk about Close-Up filters which are used for macro photography.

Polaroid SuperColor 635 CL – Inside

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