Ultra Fex – Fexar Optic Spec

Ultra Fex - Fexar Optic Spec
Ultra Fex - Fexar Optic Spec


The Ultra Fex – Fexar Optic Spec was manufactured from 1947 to 1962 in France.

There are several versions of this device. For good reason, there were broken parts. Here it is the version 28 ” Himalaya “. There are several of them but we will retain only the 8 main ones (without the derivatives). This version was manufactured in 1960.

This model is made of bakelite. The format is 6 * 9 cm (film 620). The marking 25/50/100 corresponds to the shutter speed and this one has 2 speeds: normal and intense. The shutter is central sector shutter on rectangular metal tube and the lens is meniscus type, blue colouring. The synchronisation is coaxial. The camera also has a claw, a foot nut, a feed reel shaft with a grooved button, a grooved button to advance the film. The opening is at the back of the unit.

The dimensions are : H10 * L16 * P6, for a weight of 351 grams.

Where to find it and at what price ?

The device is very common, you will find it on EBay or at garage sales for 15€.


This model was designed by a German : Fritz Kaftanski. He was born in the city of Essen in 1899 and then migrated to France. During the German occupation, he joined forces with Lucien Bouchetal de la Roche to manufacture cameras under the brand name FEX. The company was located in Lyon, and was later renamed INDO.


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