Vivitar V2000

Vivitar V2000
Vivitar V2000


The Vivitar V2000 is a camera manufactured and assembled in Japan between 1989 and 1992.

The V2000 was a camera often recommended to students new to photography because of its ease of use. It was manufactured by Cosina, a manufacturer of high-end optical glass, cameras and video equipment based in Nakano, Japan. But it was designed by Steven Bull, designer of the Hanimex/Vivitar group.

Technical sheet

  • Camera type : my 24 * 36 SLR with focal plane shutter. TTL metering with 3 LED display,
  • Film format : 24 * 36 mm,
  • Mounting : bayonet “K” quick release,
  • Shutter : metal focal plane shutter, vertical translation,
  • Shutter speed : B to 1/2000 selected with the shutter speed dial,
  • Flash sync : accessory shoe with central X contact, sync speed: 1/125th of a second or slower,
  • Viewfinder : fixed, penta prism at eye level, magnification 0.86x at infinity with 50 mm lens. The field of view covered by the viewfinder horizontally and vertically is 93% of the area of the image taken,
  • Viewfinder glass : cross-field rangefinder, horizontal cut-off,
  • Viewfinder display : red LED +: overexposure indicator, green LED O: correct exposure indication, red LED -: underexposure indicator,
  • Exposure metering : TTL full aperture, centre-weighted integration metering. Metering range at ISO 100/21°: EV 3 (f/2, 1/2 sec) – EV 19 (f/16, 1/2000 sec),
  • Film advance : single frame, thumb-operated wind-up lever, maximum travel 135° with 30° hold position. Safety mechanism to prevent double advance or double exposure. Shutter locked when winding lever is in rest position,
  • Rewind : manual,
  • Frame counter : progressive, automatically resets when the camera back is opened,
  • Power supply : two AA batteries,
  • Dimensions : 133 * 85 * 50 mm,
  • Weight : 410 g.

Where to find it and at what price ?

This device is not very common. You can find it in flea markets and garage sales for 20€. Personally I got the camera with the flash and a lens for 15€.

Vivitar V2000 – With flash

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